As Rev Angie was developing her abilities in Trance, Angie connected with her Ancient Master, Huang Di who when alive was the Yellow Emperor of China. Huang Di (pronounced as he says, "QuockTi") was sharing with Rev Angie in the silence all of what she knew from her ancient days of the life with him. In this past life she was female and a warrior (not accepted in those times). She was in hiding dressing as a male. Huang Di said it was imperitive for her to recall all the steps of development she already knows within. In 2019 Angie felt this pull to learn and teach Qigong. She learned from two Master's, Levels 1 & 2. Both masters were taught by Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong of Emei Qigong. As a practitioner, Angie plans to become a Master in Emei Qigong through her Master, Stan Pannone. She has level three to complete to become Teacher status-so expect more to come.

Rev Angie says, " Emei Qigong forms and teachings are in balance with the teachings with UFC, "To heal ourselves is to heal our UNIVERSE". Wuji Gong is a step in that direction."

Emei Qigong Class, Wuji Gong Form with Rev Angie