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United Fellowship Chapel's
Spiritualist Online Teaching Center 
We Teach Internationally!   



Seeing the Divine in all...
Tucson's First Spiritualist Teaching Chapel 
Established in 1960 


Welcome to our website!

As Spiritualist Reverends, Rev David and Rev Angie are Psychic Mediums.


Rev David channels both Dr Beck or Rama Ramu. David schedules half hour appts for sessions with the ancients as well as half hour readings as well. If you would like to schedule time with Senior Pastor Rev David, please contact him by telephone call only at 520-603-0407. Click here Link  (Password is: 408785) to join Zoom for your session, once your appointment is set.


Associate Pastor, Rev Angie channels Yellow Emperor, HuangDi and also does 1/2 hour, and 1 hour readings with tarot or not, and card readings as well as Messages of Loved Ones. Please reach out by texting or calling her at 520-442-9402. Click here link to join Zoom for your session, once your appointment is set.

Thank you so much.

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About Our Chapel


The United Fellowship Chapel was organized by Rev. Leona LaLonda in 1960, through the guidance of her spirit guide Andrew Jackson Davis. Andrew Jackson Davis was a pioneer in the Spiritualist movement in the middle of the 1800s.

The Chapel started services at the present address in August of 1964.

In June of 1980, the United Fellowship Chapel incorporated. On September 9, 1981 the United Fellowship Chapel received its tax exempt status from the IRS.

Rev. David Miller, one of the founders at the time of incorporation, has served Tucson since June 1977.

Seminary & Training

Rev. David Miller teaches the Metaphysical Principles Certification Course.  For those who complete this course, they may choose to continue to the Seminary to become an ordained minister. 

Call for more information.

Chapel Hours & Services

Our Apologies,We currently are not running the Chapel Service, We will keep you posted if things change in the future.


Sunday Service


Love Offering and Tithe 

 Go Here to Join On Zoom

Please Contact Senior Pastor,

Rev David J Miller



Associate Pastor,

Rev Angela Riechers


for a Spiritual Council and/or Psychic Reading



You are the authority in your spiritual life. 

Trust your inner guidance and your intuition and it will lead you where you want to go.

We offer a variety of classes and instruction to help guide you on your journey.

We respect your wisdom and know that you have within you everything you need, you are already whole.



Inspirational Sunday Service

Please join us at our Peaceful Sanctuary - for an inspiring message, hands on healing, and a personal Intuitive Message of Guidance and Self Understanding.

Our Sunday Service starts at 2 PM, Tucson time.

Blessings to All!


For Information

Call Rev. David: 520-603-0407

or    Rev. Angela 520-442-9402




I Am that I Am

The light of the Living God

and therefore I am Free and All-knowing. 

Ignite My Soul with Thy Spirit,

Oh God, I Pray.





We are a Teaching Chapel

We teach: 
Metaphysical Principles
Mediumship Course
Physical Phenomena Course
Healing Certification
Know   Thyself
12 Powers
Pendulum Healing
and more...
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