$7.00 per session

Come join us in our experience of awakening...

Being in our presence creates awakening in self of all the experiences one has had with physical phenomena. Know your being here on this earth and in this place at this time is not a coincidence. 



Journey Through The Sun 

September 26th at 12pm  

This Journey is preparing for your transition, igniting knowledge within from twelve ages, and evolving your Mediumship that is beyond what has been developed. You are ready for the commitment.
Dr Beck is channeled through Rev David J Miller, a senior pastor at United Fellowship Chapel for 40+ years.

Cost for event is $ 15.00 per person

attend in person or online


Angela's Messages of Loved Ones

are now private sessions on Saturday's  2:30pm-4:30pm    

Call or text Angela for a set appointment  520.442.9402

$20 per half hour

zoom is only used for confirmed appts



Rev Angela will be offering

Love Readings and Yearly Destiny Readings

that are 32 page printouts of either relationships sent by PDF , your yearly report, or lifetime.These readings are $24.95 each to review on ones own time. These readings are from Love Cards and Cards of your Destiny by Robert Lee Camp. These readings are through a mysterious playing cards system that has been around for centuries. 

To get clear details about relationships, Angela will need your birthday and the relationship persons birthday. Choosing either your love relationship, family, friends, or business. There are unlimited possibilities...

When getting the Yearly Destiny Reading, This one starts at your birthday and ends a year after. 

It is suggested to do a reading with Angela to go over the report which is 

 $40 (including the printout) in a Zoom meeting . Please contact Angela at 520.442.9402 to set appt. There two set times for appts 2pm & 2:30pm.

 If it doesn't fit into your schedule, call to pick another time, thanks!



on Zoom 

 We have already begun however if interested you can still get in. 

Call to get signed up 520-603-0407



The purpose of the Metaphysical Principles class is three-fold:

1. For the student to understand the laws of metaphysics and be able to apply these laws at a higher level in their personal life for the greater
benefit of all.
2. For the student to have a sound foundation of the metaphysical principles which will allow the student to teach the curriculum and through doing so change the vibration of the planet.
3. For the student to integrate their own spiritual uniqueness in applying and teaching the curriculum.

Class requirements for certification:
1. Class participation Monthly attendance
2. Class assignments/ homework
3. Healing Meditation at a Sunday Service
4. One in-class presentation demonstration knowledge of an assigned course topic.
5. Keep a daily journal describing the spiritual changes and information that you receive from your homework assignments, meditations, and Spirit Helpers. This journal will be reviewed.
6. Final Exam
*rewrite a bio of who you are and the changes that have taken place as a result of participating in this class, which will be presented at graduation.
* The student will receive a certificate recognizing the student's completion of the assigned course work, enablling the student to teach the course work to others.
* One Time Cost: $650.00; Monthly: $75.00=$750.00

Contact us to sign up 520-327-0142

This course is on Zoom.Once your signed up we will send you an invite to the class.

Sept 9th, 2020 at 4pm is when our next scheduled course begins.


Personal Channeled Messages

During Sunday Services everyone receives a brief personal spiritual message. 


For a more in depth private reading contact Rev David 520-603-0407 or Rev Angela 520-442-9402 or one of our Mediums.

Business cards available in our

Lending library


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