Weekly Online Classes


password for zoom is 408785


come Thursdays at 12pm Mst-2.png


Come join to be in practice of developing self in Speaking to the Spirit World. 


10 am MST

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One Month

One Class

Come join a form of Qigong that will take you from form to formless (post birth-yang state back to prebirth-yin state) called Wujigong.

Click on the graphic to join, password: 408785


Self Realization is the beginning of one's journey and a continual teaching for many that want to absorb and be what is taught here.  The teachings are a full year, starting in September. All is welcome to join anytime. It is made as drop in type of classes or continue week by week, and is a prerequisite for Metaphysical Principles.  When you are ready you will come.
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Metaphysical Principles Course (5.5 x 8.5 in) (1200 x 675 px).png