Personal Channeled Messages

During Sunday Services everyone receives a brief personal spiritual message. 


For a more in depth private reading contact one of our Mediums.

Business cards available in our

Lending library


​​4718 East Hawthorne St.

Tucson, Arizona


Mail: P.O Box 12097 Tucson, AZ 85732

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Rev. David Miller


Rev. Angela Riechers


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Ongoing Classes

Call for more information


WEEKLY ~ Tuesday


Qi Gong




ignite invisible realms through your psychic abilities



Starfire Breath

WEEKLY ~ Wednesday 


Qi Gong



Silent Meditation and Messages



Starfire Wisdom Discussion Group

WEEKLY ~ Friday



Qi Gong


WorldHealing & Message Circle

Give and receive healing for yourself and others, as well as our planet.  Receive an Intuitive Message for guidance and understanding.




Readings or Regressions by Angela

please call 520.442.9402 for appt


WEEKLY ~ Saturday



Mediumship Development Class

*Practice for those who have taken the Mediumship Course with Rev. David Miller or by prior approval.  Refine your ability to give and receive accurate messages for healing and spiritual development. Deeper your connection to Spirit.

Special Classes

Angela is teaching Level 1

Qi Gong 

Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's at 10:30am $5.00 per class

Come and build your Qi....

( wear comfortable clothing, & bring water, a yoga mat, and wear flexible shoes)

Starting January 2020

We will be starting a new Metaphysical Principles Course

the 1st Saturday of every Month at 12pm. (we will not meet in July) 

2 hour class. $75 per month or Full price of $650. Call us if you have questions, otherwise come get to know yourself . 

TUESDAYS  6pm-8:30pm
$25 Door
Special Discount: 4 classes for $75

You’ll be laying on the floor. Bring a pillow, a blanket/yoga mat to lay on, a light blanket to cover and a water bottle. Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Facilitated by Luma Lor, author of “Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings”

Experience igniting your own inner Starfire energy and delivering it deeply to all parts of your physical body and other subtle bodies. Quiet mind, peace, spiritual insights, passion for life, relaxed, healing and vibrant physical energy.

This is more than just breathing, this system combines four unique powerful aspects:

1. Deep circular breathing patterns
2. Flexing certain muscle groups – PC muscle
3. Visualizing a specifically guided circuit of energy flow through the chakra systems to ignite new energy into your body
4. Specifically chosen high vibrational music played to maximize the experience.

Benefits you’ll get:

Deep relaxation and stress relief
Energize, rejuvenate and FEEL GREAT!
Deep tissue oxygenation
Release non-productive beliefs and patterns
Inner clarity and SELF empowerment
Balance masculine and feminine aspects
Joy, Bliss & Peace of Mind
Take home a new technic for practicing self love and nurturing!

Immerse yourself in specifically chosen high vibrational music played to activate and enhance the experience of Starfire. You can continue practicing on your own to maintain these energies after the class.

With 30 years of mastery and experience, Luma is renowned for creating a safe space while teaching and guiding each participant into maximum benefits. Experience this enlivening phenomenon through the synergy of a group class.

For more information on our workshops, classes or to set up a private session

 Starfire Wisdom Book Discussion Group

Get support with your Starfire Wisdom book of light. Come explore reading out loud or just listening and Luma will guide you into the deeper treasures in between the lines. Learn why this book was designed to be read aloud and especially shared with others, and how to use this codex on your own to access multiple dimensions of awareness. Feel the presence of the Guardians. Build momentum each time you come.

Drop in anytime. Bring your book, share with others or purchase one in class and get it signed by Luma. No previous experience required. Bring a water bottle. Books are available at each class or online at

$11 per class
Starting June 5, Wednesdays 6pm-8 pm
$24.95 Book
United Fellowship Chapel
4718 East Hawthorne Street
Tucson AZ
(520) 327-0142 or

STARFIRE WISDOM: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings
By Luma Lor ‘Oracle Pegasus’ and the Guardians

If you’re ready to tap into your full human potential to evolve beyond war and embrace the golden age of peace, love and super-intelligence, this book is a must-have in your library.

Designed on higher dimensions by a Council of Light called the Guardians, Starfire Wisdom is a gift to assist humanity as the sovereign stewards of Earth Gaia’s evolution. Full of useful exercises, insights, humor and divine principles for a life well lived, this book will stretch your mental world, open your heart and guide you into Diamond Consciousness.

This book is designed with codes, phrases and images that when read out loud activate your intrinsic knowing until it becomes invincible or ‘adamantine’ and Diamond Consciousness is attained.


The REAL Gift of Gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.  Seeds of Gratitude produce your Harvest!