All Classes Will Be Held On Zoom  Online and In Person (max 10 people at 6 ft distance)

Call for more information


Please make donation or pay for class in the donate section tab prior to class, thank you!


WEEKLY ~ Tuesday


Qi Gong $3.00 or $27 per month for all classes

no class on 8/25/20 


Love/ Destiny Readings $24.95 (PDF sent by email) or $40 1/2 hr in person reading with 32 page printout 

no class on 8/25/20



love offering is graciously accepted

no class on 8/25/20

Sept we will restart class from the beginning, come join us to get to know yourself.

WEEKLY ~ Wednesday 


Qi Gong $3.00 or $27 per month for all classes 394359340



Silent Meditation and Messages

love offering is graciously accepted 569130343

(in Sept we will move this class to Tues at 12pm)


(In September)



$7.00 per class 569130343


Universal Metaphysics


WEEKLY ~ Friday


Qi Gong $3.00  or $27 per month for all classes


WorldHealing & Message Circle

Give and receive healing for yourself and others, as well as our planet.  Receive an Intuitive Message for guidance and understanding.

Love offering graciously accepted

WEEKLY ~ Saturday



Physical Phenomena

(prerequisite: Physical Phenomena course)




Mediumship Development Class

*Practice for those who have taken the Mediumship Course with Rev. David Miller or by prior approval.  Refine your ability to give and receive accurate messages for healing and spiritual development. Deeper your connection to Spirit.

Love offering is graciously accepted


Messages of Loved Ones 

with Angela

$20 per half hour appt

*Contact us to join a class online (Zoom) by calling us and paying for class (in donation section) a day ahead. Thank you!*

Special Classes

Starting in September Wednesday's at 12pm

we will be starting a new Class,


We are here to share with you that throughout our lives we have always had Physical Phenomena supporting our lives. Listen to our stories, and then re-establish your memory of the same.  

$7.00 per class


Angela is teaching 

 Qi Gong 

Energetic Qi Gong Tuesday's 

Universal Qi Gong Wednesday's

 9 Breath Healing Global Meditation  Friday's


$3.00 per class or $27 for  12 classes.

 Build your Qi Healing....


Private Sessions of

"Messages of Loved Ones" 

$20 per half hour

Saturday's starting at 2:30 until 4:30pm.

Please call to set appt for phone, or zoom session. 



Metaphysical Principles Course

New class starting Sept 9th 4pm

Call Rev David to sign up 

 $75 per month or Full price of $650. Call us if you have questions, pick up a packet on the description of the class at chapel, otherwise choose the very courageous step in  getting to know oneself . Our purpose of being on the planet is this very reason. When you have the intention-the universe changes- at that moment... 

New class starting Sept 9th 4pm

Call Rev David to sign up 


The REAL Gift of Gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.  Seeds of Gratitude produce your Harvest!

Personal Channeled Messages

During Sunday Services everyone receives a brief personal spiritual message. 


For a more in depth private reading contact Rev David 520-603-0407 or Rev Angela 520-442-9402 or one of our Mediums.

Business cards available in our

Lending library


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Tucson, Arizona


Mail: P.O Box 12097 Tucson, AZ 85732

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