Our Board of Directors

Rev David J Miller-President

Jennifer Kleitz-Secretary

Rev Angela Riechers- Treasurer

Rev Ernestina Darling-Trustee

Active Reverends

Rev David J Miller

Rev Angela Riechers

Rev Ernestina Darling

Rev Marsha Zimmerman

Rev Tanya Dawson

Active Mediums

Rev David J Miller

Rev Angela Riechers

Rev Ernestina Darling

Rev Marsha Zimmerman

Rev Tanya Dawson

Arlene Farrow

Kryste Andrews

Kimberly Van Deesel

Roberta Straus

Sabine Verellen

Aaron Marter

Leslie Stirm

Jennifer Kleitz

Rachel Mobley

Karin Graham

Aniam Arroyo


We believe that you can have a direct experience with the Divine - because you are Divine.  We aspire to see the Divinity in all and to live a life in accordance with a harmony of our thoughts, words, and actions.

We are a teaching Chapel, which means that students can study the principles of Metaphysics,

all the way to joining the Seminary and becoming an ordained Minister. 

In addition to Sunday services, we offer classes in a variety of subjects, distance and  hands on healing along with private psychic messages for personal growth.

Everyone is welcome here!  Regardless of your faith, or even lack of it!  We are a continous learning commmunity, seeking to go beyond our current level of knowledge.  Our hearts are open to all that  is good in the world.

We see the Divine in everyone and welcome people from all backgrounds

and faiths to learn about the principles of Metaphysics which believes in the unity of all life. 

We are a teaching Chapel and invite you to explore your true potential as a happy, healthy, prosperous, and loving spiritual being. 

Through self-realization, and harmony of thoughts,

words, and actions you can experience your true Divine Nature.


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Personal Channeled Messages

During Sunday Services everyone receives a brief personal spiritual message. 


For a more in depth private reading contact Rev David 520-603-0407 or Rev Angela 520-442-9402 or one of our Mediums.

Business cards available in our

Lending library


​​4718 East Hawthorne St.

Tucson, Arizona


Mail: P.O Box 12097 Tucson, AZ 85732

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Rev. Angela Riechers



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