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About Our Readings

The Mediums that are active in this Spiritualist Teaching Chapel have all gone through our Mediumship Course and practice often in classes as well as our Saturday Mediumship Development Class and are fully active in giving readings weekly. If you are looking to receive a reading, please look at our Who we are page for our list of active Mediums. Feel free to call the chapel (520- 442-9402) to get connected with one of our mediums.  Currently we do readings on Zoom until further notice. 

Our prices range per medium. Some readers do Tarot, Cards, or Pendulums,  We have it all right here... 

We are currently updating this page to add all of our readers. Please keep informed by joining our mailing list.


A Message is a quick 1 -2 minute reading that is usually given in either a Healing Circle, a Mediumship Development Class, or our Sunday Service, short and sweet. 

If you receive a message and want more clarity feel free to ask the Medium to set an appointment for a reading for more clarity.  


It is our vision that when you receive a reading from one of our Mediums, that the Medium gets your approval for them to give you a message. Your clear and strong voice says YES, and when it is that time for messages- if you do not want the reading, you can pass (and know that there won't be anyone giving you one in replacement).

We work with SPIRIT in giving a direct and clear focus of the future, in a positive light. Be of knowing you are ready for your next steps...

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To schedule a reading with Angie Riechers or DAvid J Miller go here....