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United Fellowship Chapel
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Seeing the Divine in all...
Tucson's First Spiritualist Teaching Chapel 
Established in 1960 

Principles Of United Fellowship Chapel

The United Fellowship Chapel, Inc. (UFC) congregation is one of Prophecy and Healing, having no formal allegiance to any creed, dogmas or religious doctrine.  

Our basic Principles are as follows:

We Believe in the Mother/Fatherhood of God.  God is Infinite Intelligence, Ever-Present and the source of all life.  Mother/Father God affirms our True Essence is Both Male and Female Polarities.

UFC recognizes that all Phenomena, both Physical and Spiritual, occur within the Realms of Nature and are Manifestations of Infinite Intelligence.  Jesus applied this Law in his life and Affirmed "They that Believeth in me, The works that I do shall they do also and Greater works than this shall they do." (John 14:12)

We believe in the Infinite Power of Healing. Available to all forms of Life. Our classes focus on Healing Techniques and Principles which when used properly, work within the Laws of God and People.

UFC Teaches the Law of Cause and Effect: Every Individual is Morally Self-Responsible.  We Invite You to strive for Self Mastery and to Achieve your Highest Spiritual Goals. Recognizing the Principle of Change as Constant in the earth Plane, UFC seeks to Help You become Aware of your Personal Patterns for Change and to live Harmoniously.

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Lets Congratulate to our Reverends Graduating Seminary:
Rev Aaron Marter, Rev Sabine Verellen, Rev Kim Van Dessel, Rev Roberta Straus, Rev Jennifer Kleitz... 

About Our Chapel


The United Fellowship Chapel was organized by Rev. Leona LaLonda in 1960, through the guidance of her spirit guide Andrew Jackson Davis. Andrew Jackson Davis was a pioneer in the Spiritualist movement in the middle of the 1800s.

The Chapel started services at the present address in August of 1964.

In June of 1980, the United Fellowship Chapel incorporated. On September 9, 1981 the United Fellowship Chapel received its tax exempt status from the IRS.

Rev. David Miller, one of the founders at the time of incorporation, has served Tucson since June 1977.

Rev. David Miller teaches the Metaphysical Principles Certification Course.  For those who complete this course, they may choose to continue to the Seminary to become an ordained minister. 

Call for more information.

Seminary & Training
Chapel Hours & Services


Sunday Service


Love Offering and Tithe 

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Please Contact Senior Pastor,

Rev David J Miller



Associate Pastor,

Rev Angela Riechers


for a Spiritual Council and/or Psychic Reading

 Chapel Phone- 520-327-0142

Inspirational Sunday Service

Please join us at our Peaceful Sanctuary - for an inspiring message, hands on healing, and a personal Intuitive Message of Guidance and Self Understanding.

Our Sunday Service starts at 2 PM, Tucson time.

Blessings to All!


For Information

Call Rev. David: 520-603-0407

or    Rev. Angela 520-442-9402




I Am that I Am

The light of the Living God

and therefore I am Free and All-knowing. 

Ignite My Soul with Thy Spirit,

Oh God, I Pray.





We are a Teaching Chapel

We teach: 
Metaphysical Principles
Mediumship Course
Physical Phenomena Course
Healing Certification
Know   Thyself
12 Powers
Pendulum Healing
and more...

You are the authority in your spiritual life. 

Trust your inner guidance and your intuition and it will lead you where you want to go.

We offer a variety of classes and instruction to help guide you on your journey.

We respect your wisdom and know that you have within you everything you need, you are already whole.